“We believe that we enable Business Success!

The way we do it is through Employee Engagement and Strategic Alignment that results in Increased Productivity that leads to Customer Satisfaction that leads to Profitability.

We just happen to develop and implement the most comprehensive, state of the art Human Capital Management Software Solution in the cloud.”

From Risk to Opportunity

People as risk or people as the only competitive advantage?

Employee engagement is and will become an increasingly important concern for countries and organisations seeking to boost labour productivity. To win customers — and a bigger share of the marketplace — companies must first win the hearts and minds of their employees.

We believe that the answer does not lie in the implementation of just another system or another management fad. The answer lies in people that are committed to the organisation’s mission and goals. Commitment however presupposes Awareness, Understanding and Acceptance of the organisation’s mission and goals.

Now, more than ever Successful Businesses Leaders focus on two things:

  • They mitigate risks that lead to failure
  • They seize opportunities that lead to success

We understand and believe that the people you employ are at the core of either failure or success!

Managing Human Capital Management is therefore no longer the role of traditional Payroll. Having a fully integrated HR solution from Recruitment to Payroll with Performance Management and Talent Management that runs in-between on your Tablet and Smartphone are the order qualifier. The future is about mitigating risk and turning opportunity to success, by linking employees to the business operations of the company through process and workflow.

From Engagement to Business Automation to Real time Reporting

A chain is as strong as its weakest link

The compounding reason why 7 out of every 8 businesses struggle to be profitable is that most organisations have a very archaic view on people and Human Capital Management.

Contrary to traditional Payroll software solutions that were developed, packaged and sold according to various modules, the S|CUBED software is a fully web enabled and unified Human Capital Management Solution that consists of a number of functionalities rather than modules. We further believe in putting first-things-first and aim to build from a solid platform where all Transactional HRIS and Payroll data is captured and maintained in a SQL data warehouse.

We then enable HR Process Automation by means of customer specific workflows. These workflows can include initial “Change of Status” “Termination” “Claim Administration” “HR Helpdesk” and “Industrial Relations” workflows to name but a few.

Our focus on the Strategic HR practices execution (Recruitment, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Talent Management, Workforce Planning etc.) ensure that the Organisation’s strategies, processes, capabilities and systems are aligned and integrated with one another.

By linking employees to business operations S|CUBED becomes the most important tool for the management and administration of Operations.

Finally all data becomes information through our powerful Analytical and Reporting engine that enables the availability of the right information for the right person in real time.

From Recruitment to Profit

Only People drive Business Success

“People are our most important asset” has been the mantra of most CEO’s and senior managers over the past decade.  It has however become quite evident that most of those that use this phrase either do not understand the real implication of managing the organisation's most important asset, or only try to impress external and internal stakeholders.

Numerous Gallup studies however confirm that engaged employees are the bedrock of sustainable success and underscore the following chain of events:

Our approach in S|CUBED is to begin with the end in mind and understand that only people drive business performance. Market share and Profit is the consequence of Revenue Growth and Internal Efficiencies. Growth is the product of Customer Loyalty and that can only be achieved through sustained Customer Satisfaction.

The backbone to Customer Satisfaction is in essence the result of the combined effort of all engaged, productive employees in any organisation. To have engaged productive employees in the modern workplace requires a unified approach regarding the management of Human Capital. The management of Human Capital is therefore a vital departing point to organisational success. The successful deployment of HR Solutions needs to cascade from a clear organisational strategy into well-defined policies and procedures whilst building up from a solid Transactional HRIS and Payroll foundation through HR Automation to Strategic HR and Business Automation.

From Planning to Execution

It is not Planning, but Execution through people that deliver results

To have a great strategy is a noble start but only Human Capital solutions executed through people will lead to ultimate success. Now more than ever, it is the responsibility of HR departments to translate the strategic questions of the organisation in operational deliverables. The entire S|CUBED methodology and approach enables the organisation to do just that.

The four fundamental Strategic questions: The four fundamental Execution questions:
  • Where do we want to go?
  • Do we have the right resources on board to take us where we want to go?
  • How will we get there? (What are the Products l Processes l Services that we will deliver to our clients)
  • Do our employees understand our Products l Processes l Services? (Induction, Job descriptions, Training, etc.)
  • How will we know we are still on course? (External Customer Satisfaction, Sales, Turnover, Profit)
  • How engaged are our employees and are they committed to success? (Internal Employee Satisfaction, Performance Management, Talent Management)
  • How do we adjust the flight plan in mid-air? (Not having or using information instruments will take you to the scene of the crash)
  • Do we have accurate real time information to support decision making?

Workflow and more Workflow

We link the employee to the business operations of the organisation

There is a vast difference between a “3 step” process and the automation of a business process through workflow. S|CUBED boasts an internal workflow engine that allows organisations to define, configure and automate any business process. S|CUBED also enables employees to be linked to real-time business processes that transform traditional performance management to real-time activity administration.

From Data Capturing to Real Time Reporting

Data is noise but information creates wealth

The S|CUBED software is designed to comprehensively meet all Employee Human Capital and Payroll requirements.  Once S|CUBED is implemented it provides immediate access to accurate, up-to-date information, not data, on all organisational and employee data. The full integration with either our integrated Payroll or your existing Payroll solution reduces the time required in addressing inquiries regarding employee information and other tactical HR issues drastically. The built-in security features support multi-tiered access to data by field; therefore, general managers, Payroll, and benefit professionals can have access to various levels of employee information as directed by HR.

This, coupled with S|CUBED’s substantial dynamic reporting capabilities, enables the automation of all your critical reporting requirements.

The S|CUBED reporting capability operates on a number of levels:

Static Reports

  • Comply with key legislative requirements by generating essential reports such as EEA2, work profiles, work force movement, skills development etc.
  • Staffing Reports
  • System Statistic Reports
  • Organisational Structure Reports
  • All Human Capital Reports

Predefined Reports

  • Provide instant, graphical access to key metrics and related content

User-defined Custom Reports

  • Develop any report by selecting the required parameters and generating reports which can then be exported to excel

S|CUBED Graph and Analytic Reporting

  • Complex reporting with any level of “drill in” capability
  • Linkage to third party solutions that allows for integrated reporting through systems

From Dos to Cloud

The Cloud is yesterday, long live mobile

Technology should enable efficiency. This implies that technology should be appealing and easy to use, but also cater for all the complex challenges a business is confronted with. We have developed a solution that does exactly this:

Cloud Based:

S|CUBED has been developed as a Cloud Solution but can also be deployed as a locally hosted solution. Cloud solutions have huge advantages over traditional PC installed software. Clients typically have far lower hardware expense; upgrades are far quicker and require much less human intervention. Data stored in the Cloud is far more accessible than data stored on traditional software applications.


The advent of Smartphones and Tablet computers enabled Managers and Employees alike to become far more accessible and flexible than they used to be. Managers and staff members need to be able to not only be notified of important Business processes, they also need to act on them, quickly and swiftly. S|CUBED is fully cross browser compatible and operates on all Smart Phones and Tablet Computers.

S|CUBED Foundation:

The S|CUBED solution is built on a Platform called “S|CUBED Foundation”. This platform ensures the seamless integration to most modern, technology solutions.