We believe that we must enable successful transformation and create Emotional, Social and Financial wellness for all our stakeholders through the utilisation of the S-Cubed solution. We put first-things-first and build from a solid platform where our clients’ internal strategies, processes, people, capabilities and values are aligned and integrated with one another.


Transformation is the only Constant. S-Cubed provides our clients with unified control over every aspect of their Transactional, Operational and Strategic Human Capital Empowerment reality!

Below, you will find the why, how and what of the S-Cubed philosophy and product. Take the time to browse through it all and appreciate why S-Cubed has become the Human Capital Management Solution of choice in the market.


Employees - from risk to be mitigated, to the greatest competitive advantage

More than ever before, the global economic meltdown, higher service delivery expectations, new technologies, regulatory compliance, strategic changes, new legislation, social realities, and diminished mind space of employees require business leaders to focus on two things:

• Identify and mitigate employee risks that lead to failure;
• Empower employees to unlock capabilities that lead to success.

As technology becomes more accessible and the difference in quality of service between companies at the top of their industries narrows, we believe that the greatest distinction between an organisation and its competitors is the engagement and empowerment of its employees.

A disengaged, unempowered employee who is uncertain of the overarching goals of the organisation, and how he or she fits into the organisation’s operational strategy will inevitably become a liability of wasted or inefficiently utilised man-hours.

At the opposite end of the scale an engaged and empowered workforce with optimum room to unlock capabilities, will breed innovation, inspire customer loyalty and ultimately drive profits and shareholder value.

In this technology driven environment we believe that business success can only be achieved through a comprehensive and seamless Human Capital Management solution. Integrated at every level of operation, the S-Cubed solution enables seamless workflow and communication between person, process and systems. This empowers employees to contribute to every aspect of transactional, operational and strategic business outcomes.