Calculate your Risk and Opportunities

Employee engagement is and will become an increasingly important concern for countries and organisations seeking to boost labour productivity. The key question for employers is no longer about what they pay their employees (traditional payroll) but about what they get back in return for their investment in employees. This must be seen in line with the already very high cost of employment.

  • Up to 70% of the operating budget is spend on Human Capital (Salaries) meaning the HR department is 70% of the problem … or holds 70% of the solution.
  • Additional hidden cost of employment can be as much as 25% on top of the Salary bill – meaning HR is the biggest waster … or holds another 25% of the solution.

In order to address this reality, the Human Capital Management process must be able to empirically analyse both risk and opportunity. Data must be transformed from mere information to Business Intelligence so that organisations can sustain their Competitive Advantage.

Use our helpful calculators to get an idea of your risk and opportunities:

Company Name Total Number of Employees Average Employee Cost to Company per Month